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Solid Waste Treatment
Arbiogaz is one of the leading firms in Turkey for solid waste processing plants. Biogas is produced as a result of anaerobic fermentation of organic materials collected from municipal, agricultural and industrial wastes, including treatment plant sludge. Arbiogaz has successfully designed and built more than thirty projects, where Biogas is produced from highly polluted wastewaters of industries such as pulp and paper, potato processing, candy, brewery, sugar and used as energy resource. Fermentation of organic wastes is not only important because of energy recovery from wastes but also because of greenhouse gas emission reduction by completing the decomposition of organic wastes in a controlled environment rather than leaving it to the nature. There are two main products of the organic solid waste treatment, namely Biogas, a high calorific value energy source, and fermentation products, which can be used as organic fertilizer in agriculture. Economic value is gained while wastes are converted into environmental friendly products.

Contrary to the belief that, anaerobic fermentation is a basic process, it actually requires specific technological know-how and experience in order to achieve process efficiency and operational safety. Arbiogaz continues its Research and Development activities in this field in order to maximize efficiency and cooperates with Haase Energietechnik AG, who has extensive experience in Solid Waste Treatment and Biogas Plants. Mechanical and Biological Solid Waste Treatment (MBT) A MBT plant principally deals with the treatment of municipal wastes. The process consist of mechanical and biologica treatment stages such as separation of organic materials from mixed municipal waste, anaerobic fermentation and aerobic composting of organic fraction of the municipal solid waste. Biogas Plants A Biogas plant specifies the Biogas production as a result of anaerobic fermentation of animal manure (cattle, poultry manure), industrial organic solid wastes (potato, corn, fruit wastes, etc.) or co-fermentation of manure and agricultural materials (silage, grass etc.). The produced Biogas can be utilized as a high calorific value energy source to generate electrical power.
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