Contract of the “CONSTRUCTION OF AKSEHIR WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT AND WASTE WATER COLLECTION NETWORK” project has been signed between Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, Department of EU Investments and Acciona Agua – Arbiogaz Akşehir Atıksu Arıtma Tesisi İnşaatı Adi Ortaklığı on 28.12.2015 at Ankara. Above mentioned project is financed by IPA - the Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance funds and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.

Scope of Works

Works Section 1: Construction of Akşehir Waste Water Treatment Plant:

Complete engineering design and construction of Akşehir Waste Water Treatment Plant with effluent discharge main and extension of existing collector to the WWTP (including civil, mechanical and electrical works, start-up of the plant, commissioning, operational training of the end recipient’s personnel and handover to the end recipient of the complete wastewater treatment plant ready for operation). Treatment process is to be based on extended aeration activated sludge, biological nitrification/denitrification and phosphorous removal, aerobic stabilization of sludge in activated sludge tanks. The first stage of the treatment plant is planned to serve to 62,325 p.e. in 2025 with the second stage serving to 78,868 p.e. in 2040.

Works Section 2: Construction of Akşehir Waste Water Collection Network:

The works contract mainly comprises the construction and rehabilitation of approximately 36 km of waste water collectors (mainly corrugated HDPE pipes of DN 300 and 400 mm) and associated structures/manholes to carry the waste water to wastewater treatment plant, as designed by the Employer.

This Works Contract will be implemented under FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build (Yellow Book).

Contract Price : 10.454.281,24.-EURO

Time for Completion of the Works : 670 days