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Water & Process Water

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Water & Process Water

Water & Process Water

Water Treatment

Water has an importance to sustain life.

97.5% of all water on the Earth is found as salt water in oceans and seas, 2.5% as fresh water in lakes and rivers. Considering %90 of fresh water is found at the poles and underground, the amount of fresh water accessible for human use is less.

Protection and efficient usage of this limited water resources, construction of plants which provide water quality needs of human life and industry is carried out using water engineering.

ARBİOGAZ which has been serving in the field of Environmental Technology since 1985, construct

  • Municipal Drinking Water Treatment Plants

  • Package Drinking Water Treatment Plants

  • Industrial Water treatment plants.

Water Treatment Plant process is prepared by expert approach for each plant considering the characteristics of water resource and water quality needed.

Used Technologies are;

  • Coagulation-Flocculation-Sedimentation

** Compact or separate systems

** Circular, rectangular or lamella sedimentation units

** Chemical dosing units

  • Filtration

** Open slow sand filters

** Open rapid sand filters

** Vertical and horizontal pressure sand filters

** Upflow self-cleaning filters

** Ultrafiltration, membrane filters

** Disc filters

** Cartridge filters

  • Lime-soda water softening process

  • Water softening with ion exchange resins

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) to reduce the ionic charge

  • Electrodeionization (EDI)

  • Cascade aerators to iron and manganese removal

  • Activated carbon filter to reduce organic load


** Chlorination

** Ozonation

** UV systems

Water Recovery Plants

Water Reuse

Due to decreasing of clean water resources in the world and increasing of water cost, reuse of wastewater came to the fore. After passing through the filtration and disinfection systems, the effluent of domestic wastewater treatment plants is used to green field irrigation in our plants for a long time.

Grey water which is domestic wastewater without toilet waste consist of household dishwashers, washing machines, showers, bathtubs and saunas, is treated biologically in lower cost and reused.

Industrial wastewater can be also reused after treatment or using advanced treatment technologies as a crude, and then used as production process water in industry.

Physical, chemical and biological conventional treatment processes can be used for reuse, in addition, if necessary according to the requirements of the process, membrane technologies such as,

  • Microfiltration

  • Ultrafiltration

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) or

  • Special chemical processes are used.